New driver!


I’m new to this forum and just would like to say what a great source of information it is! I am a young British 23 yr old and I am still researching it but I think I want to be a lorry driver. However I am a bit worried as it did take me quite a long time to learn to drive a car (passed my test first time 5 yrs ago but took me 45 lessons). I have my medical for my provisional Cat C next week.

Can anybody tell me what sort of skills you need to do well at this job? Being young I kind of can’t help but dream a bit of me going on the continent for deliveries in my lorry. I want to see the world!!! lol so a bit of advice from you guys might help me to keep my feet on the ground and decide whether it’s something I should pursue.

Many thanks


Have you read a lot of posts in this forum about how easy or hard it has been for newbies to get jobs after passing?

Have you researched your local job market for the newly qualified?

Have you read about how to select a good training company and what the pitfalls can be if you simply choose one without proper research?

Well I know I’m probably looking at 800 quid minimum for a training course so the first step is to save that up. The other stuff I’ve not got that far as I want to get all the theory done and then decide whether that investment will be worthwhile.

Check this out if not done so already - viewtopic.php?f=5&t=44667

Forget about seeing the world driving a truck around Europe. Not that it cant or wont happen - but not at all likely for a few years. Keep it in the back of your mind for the future and aim for it. But in the meantime, expect to work on a skip wagon or multidrop catering deliveries. You may get an early break - you may not.

But IMO, one thing’s for certain. If you want to do it - don’t let anyone talk you out of it.

When you’re doing your sums, remember you will also need driver cpc Initial Qualification.

All the best with it. Pete :laughing: :laughing: