New driver old questions

hey guys,

Well what can i say about my test…1 hour TOTAL STRESS! initially i was 2-1 with my instructor but my co-trainee had a bit of a stress break so i had 1-1 tuition for 2 days, decent instructor took me along roads most people never see on the training days, probably the best training i could have got, single track road country roads, ditches, over hanging branches, parked cars and horse riders) 4 over 4 gear box and no problems at all…then the test ARRRGGGHHHHH.

I seemed to make mistake after mistake, forgetting to switch the gear switch so starting in 5th rather than 2nd, couple of quick flicks of the switch just to give the impression the first flick hadnt worked hehe. I was sure i clipped a ns curb on a little round about and might have said a naughty word and at one stage i was even ready to say “thats it im done we are taking shortest rout back to test center” But i kept my cool and did not let any of the mistakes effect my driving. When back at the center i was expecting the “I am sorry to say…blah blah blah” so when i heard “I am pleased to say” and i really didnt hear a word for about 5 mins after that, close to tears and shaking with stress, total brain melt down, i was so pleased the instructor said he had to drive the truck back!

So 2 days after passing my test the agency had me out with a local company doing multi drop in central london, ■■■■ close to doing too many hours on first week (2 nights 9 hours daily rest!) 60 hours per week, but all drops done and no chance of going over my drivers hours.

this was delivering goods to restaraunts and similar peak seasonal retail outlets. NOw as this was agency work and they took on a brand new Class 2 driver, I didnt complain to the employer but i did have words with the agency.

Now with the “peak time” over they have said theyare impressed with me and would like to take me on as a full time driver, with a promise of lower hours and higher pay.

the questions i would ask you guys, what would be a decent wage for a new driver, currently the agency is giving £8ph for C2 drivers.

the other objection (unraised with agency or employer) is weight of pallets that have to be shifted (approx 600-800kg) using a manual pump truck, these are not curb side drops. But can involve 500kg being delivered dragged single handed up to 500m. wouldnt this come under health and saftey?

should i get my Class one sorted sooner rather than latter? even if i dont use it would it be better to have it than not? (plan on using the 24+ loan, employment agency is also training center).

And finally should i join a union?

thanks for the help and great forum I learnt a lot just browsing :slight_smile:

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Do C+E asap

Union URTU is a good one

Without a doubt, CE is the way to go. Got a voucher?

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Take the job do CE asap even if you dont use it straight away

Decent wage depends where you live in the country & how much you can live on only you know your overheads ask your potential employer about wages etc

Dont rely on agency as can be uncertain

The weight of the pallets shouldnt be a problem as you are using a pallet truck as this weight for carrying by hand is only a recommendation

Only you can decide if you wish to join a union but remember they dont have the impact they used to

Been at my first job (agency too) for 4 weeks now after passing C in Nov. Doing multi-drop in and around London (not central but E1, N7 etc) and home counties, I’m on £10 / hour (PAYE) so your £8 sounds pretty poor TBH.

£8ph for max-hours C2 multi-dropping around London… Three words -that is ■■■■■! :imp: