New Driver, New Job, Tiny tail lift

This is my first post.
So was made redundant from a managing position in the care industry and decided I had enough of that and wanted something different. So headed off and completed Cat C license and thought right roll on the work. Big issue was noone wanted to take me on… most agencies even wanted 2 years experience! What! How! eventually found an agency who said they would have lots of work to keep me busy I thought great, signed up and waited… and waited… eventually got my first shift in a 7.5t 04.30 start was told would finish at16.00 rolled back in at 21.30 double manned job. All the agency would give me was 7.5t and in two months I got 4 shifts!
Then as it happens did 3 of those shifts for the same company next min they asking me to apply for perm full time.
so I figure I need to be out for a period of time in the 7.5t then hopefully someone will give me my break in the larger lorry that I flippin learned to drive!
So start next week 20-30 drops per day in a 7.5t with a crappy problem… it has a tiny fold away taillift… quite a few pallet deliveries.
Maybe I am a bit novice but im brickin it at times when taking a pallet off. If it is a lighter one then I have the confidence to swivel it about half a dozen times to get it clear for going down. If its heavy then I find im easing it straight off and removing pallet truck bringing it to the side and stickin it back in once lowered! Am I being daft or with time should I be more confident to keep the truck under pallet?

What type of tail lift is it? One that folds in half and folds under the deck to store or a column type which stores vertically against the doors?

If it’s the foldable type which slopes when at ground level I would say always drop the pallet on the platform so it won’t move when you are lowering it. Generally that’s a good idea with any tail lift, but you might get away with leaving in on the wheels with a larger platform which stays level and has flaps on three sides.

What I usually do when unloading pallets on a narrow column lift (which are meant for cages) is push the pallet straight on and drop it, then put the pallet truck next to the pallet to lower it, then pull the pallet straight off when at the ground. That way there is not need to turn the pallet on the tail lift.

Its the one that folds in half and tucks in under the deck.
think the best thing is to drop and bring truck to side of pallet. It does give me a little bit of space as i begin to drop a gap appears.
Bit of a crap one the other day when two pallets stacked on top and had to place both on was really brickin it!!

Just take your time when moving pallets on pallet truck to tail lift you will get better in time same as everything else in life remember you didnt just go straight into a management roll did you :question: you had to work upto it learning as you went

Good luck with the new job thing are normally quiet this time of year

Thanks off for another run to Dublin tomorrow so will see how it all goes. Will try and keep both feet on the ground!! haha seen a video of a guy go flying using a pallet truck!
Yep your right its back down now to work my way up again but hey its fun and i’m enjoying it… might even get used to the early starts someday!

Hi mattni when i started on 7.5 ton with tail lift i felt the same as you i had never used a pump truck so for a couple of months tryed to fined the best way of dismounting the pallet full of goods from the truck in a safe & confident way. It wasn’t until i was put with a drivers mate who was an old hand at dancing around with heavy pallets & showed me how to handle the pump truck, what i would say is when you see someone unloading look to see how they go about it.
Do what animal mentions and just take your time it will come.

Jeff. :sunglasses:

cheers for the advice guys

Bit of a crap one the other day when two pallets stacked on top and had to place both on was really brickin it!!

What you need is a pump up forklift. I did some work experience in a factory once. Guy who was showing me around told me to use it to lift this die off the shelf. Get it almost all the way up (heh), huge geezer walks over “Wanna see a trick to make it quicker?” Sure mate, ta. pulls the lowering lever ■■■■■■■■