New driver here. Be gentle :)

Evening all. My name is Daniel, im 32 and im new to hgv’s. A little bit about me…

I suppose it all started when i was about 6 or 7. I can remember my dad lifting me up into the cab of his mercedes 814. Seems like such a basic lorry by todays standards, but at the time, cutting edge lol. Anyway, i can remember going up and down the country with him on countless occasions. He has always driven for a living. Lorry’s, buses, coaches etc. So I suppose it was written on the cards that I would follow.

Ive always driven too, started off in car parts delivery and have worked my way up from there. My dad always spoke of me doing my test etc but I always seemed to have an excuse not to. I HATE TESTS !!! So i was always putting it off. Lol.

Then in 2007 I found myself out of work. So, i decided to go for the easy way out and get my bus licence. Which was funded by the very desperate bus company. Lol. I stayed for 7 years and although i hated it, it was decent money and it did teach me London.

After that i went back to van delivery work and found myself at my current company as a van driver. They have a transport yard and i set my sights to becoming a lorry driver for them as its a great company, nice straight forward work, good money etc. So when i heard of a couple of hgv driver vacancies coming up, i put my name forward. They were delighted. It made sense to all.

I started my training for hgv’s, funded by them and finally got my cat C a few weeks back. We have hiabs on all our lorrys and i done that test earlier this year.

Im now out on the road training with someone riding shotgun and will be on the road solo within the next few weeks. Its basically getting used to the crane at the mo. Customers want the stuff in real awkward places at times lol. I haven’t got my own lorry as yet, but ive got a brand new Mercedes Arocs coming in september. So happy days :slight_smile:.

So that’s me. Sorry to bore you all. Hope to speak to anyone on here soon.

Happy trucking folks.

Welcome to Trucknet Daniel, the only 2 pieces of advice I can give you are-

1, Take your time, don’t rush about, that’s when accidents happen.

2, Don’t ask us to be gentle, it’ll only end in tears. [emoji23]

Nice intro, nice story thanks :slight_smile:

welcome to HGV world, you’ll have lots more fun :grimacing:

good advice re: do not rush EVER!

Cheers chaps. No rushing that’s for sure. Especially in the fleets oldest rig at the moment until my one arrives. V plate man. Ooo eeer is it slow. And my god its loud. But good to learn the ropes on for a few weeks.

The company know i have ocd when it comes to keeping my vehicle clean. So thats one of the reasons i got a new one coming my way. And id rather learn the job on this old one first.

Wow, contrags fella! Sounds like you are lucky to have a company care for you and spend time training you up.

I’ve just jumped straight in on agency since passing and then been thrown the keys, so appreciate all the support and training you’re getting!

As for a new truck, I wouldn’t want one, the fresh scratches would show up too easily! :laughing: