New class 1 job

Since passing my test on class 1 ive been looking for a class 1 job.Were I work now is not turning out as planned.Work told me if I did my class 1 I could do days on the road which I though would be good.It turns out this is not the case but I was offered nights trunking to the Hub which I don’t want to do.Ive now found a job on class 1 working for a heavy haulage firm that do wide loads carrying stuff up to 150 tonnes lol.And no I wont be doing this well not yet anyway.The company ive gone to have another side line which is driving waste to sites using some thing called the ejector.I spoke to the owner of the company and explained ive just passed my test and the owner told me that this is perfect for me as a learning curve before moving on to bigger things.Im getting full on the job training and im starting out doing 4-5 runs a day doing 11 miles each way from one site to another carring waste,ie skip waste etc.Im told no one will take the ■■■■ and he said I don’t care if it takes 20 shunts to get the trailer in as long as its in lol.Im told not to rush and just take my time so im really happy with this.They have Foden trucks with manual boxes with 15 gears and Scanias in Manual as well.Im glad to have got my foot in the door of some where and if anyone else is a new driver and looking for a job don’t give up just knock on peoples doors and ask :smiley:

Great news. And don’t be phased by the number of gears. It’ll come naturally - eventually. Sounds like not too much pressure so ideal start.

Pete :laughing: :laughing:

I handed my notice in this morning.The owner of the company didn’t even give me any face to face contact and just looked at the computer screen and said good luck and where am I going to :neutral_face: I felt arkward enough handing my notice in as it is lol

No reason to feel awkward. It’s your life, your decision. On top of that, they’ve let you down a bit by the sound of it. So chin up, onwards and upwards!

All the best, Pete :laughing: :laughing:

Night runs to the hub? You must work for one of the pallet networks. I’m working for a palletforce company driving a rigid - albeit, with my class 1 licence - and they said the same to me. Needless to say I didn’t fancy nights either! I’m currently on my way to an interview with a small family run business where I’m moving to that sound like they’re going to give me a shot based on a CV I gave them in April just after I passed my CE.

Yeah don’t feel awkward. Best of luck in the new job too!

I work for Pallet line and I don’t recommend it.I start for this new company next Friday.Strange I no but I carnt wait to leave

I went into work at my new job today to get an insight of what I was getting into lol I don’t start next week.Ive not driven since passing my test and this morning I was given a foden 460 with a 16 speed manual box.My load was already for me,you get a ticket off the weight bridge to tell you how much is in it and I did my checks as well.Well the drive was a bit dodgy at first I crashed the box a few times on my way to the land fill site but I soon got used to it.And you need to use all the gears when climbing hills or you will roll back down again :frowning: There is some off road driving involved and I have to reverse up a hill using diff locks :grimacing: I do 11 miles each way with plenty of reversing and driving round in circles lol its an experience in my opinion and it was a make or break for me but I did ok.Ive plenty to learn and everyday will be a different day like today I tried turning left and the truck just drove forward instead of going where I wanted it to go on the land fill site lol.