New Asda rdc Rochdale

Currently sat on a bay at the new Asda rdc at Milnrow. The first frozen loads are going in today.

First impressions are quite favourable, they use a wheel lock system (think Costco Lutterworth) which means drivers keep their keys and can stay in their cabs. Of course this may change once somebody attempts to drive away.

The place is a building site at the moment, which is to be expected I suppose. The staff seem very friendly and helpful, again that’ll change once they’ve settled in.

Access is off J21 at milnrow, doddle to find and less than a mile from the motorway.

Hmmmm, gonna reserve judgement methinks. As I write this it’s 12.19pm and I’m still sat on the bay and they still haven’t started me! I’m not the only one though, they’ve managed to take 3 pallets from 1 vehicle since 7am!

Not seen teething troubles like this since the alien burst out of the guys chest in the movie.

Can report that although I’m not fully caught up with my sleep, I will be by the time I leave. :smiley:

When Asda IDC opened at Magna Park first night I was in there was 7hours! As it got any better■■?

Costco in Lutterworth still take your keys even though they use the wheel lock system on bays.

The fun starts when you ask to use the toilet :wink:

Non site staff toilets are in despatches, so walks down to find the bays shut and door locked (despatches aint open for service yet :wink: ) Walks back to transport office where they have to fob me through each door to go to the toilet and then back again, gonna be alot of waiting for their staff when folk need to drop a bumspud :unamused:

the maoster:
The place is a building site at the moment, which is to be expected I suppose.

I took some kerbs in a few weeks ago, and they were running late then to get it finished.

I’ve passed it since, and a lot of the builders have gone.