New and sat nav

first off hi to all on the site. im an ex fireman just starting to use my 2 for real work! has anybody got any reccomendations for good sat nav. ive looked at the tomtom stuff and it looks ok to me, has anyone used it. also have got job :slight_smile: working for chilled juice co. in manchester, they do airports and hospitals throughout uk but it occured to me that maybe they are taking on now to cover the summer and i`ll get dropped in winter, anyone any experience of this

Hi Rock It, welcome to TruckNetUK.

Check the thread [u]Here[/u] on TomTom sat nav. There are several other posts about various sat nav systems, try doing a search with sat nav and some variations on that, there is a site-search at the top of every page.

Welcome to TruckNet, rock it. :sunglasses:
I can’t help you with the sat - nav question, I’m still a map and atlas type of person myself !
However, with the long term job security question here’s a suggestion.
Click onto this link : … 14&start=0
stick with it, read it through right to the end.
Milk distribution is constant throughout the year, whereas juice distribution may well be seasonal, as you have spotted. :sunglasses: - 'nuff said.

cheers for replies. have checked out tomtom and will prob get one. as for the job probably wont take it as need permanent work for new mortgage!

Well keep in touch, let us know how things are going.

All the best.