New 44t Wagon & Drag

are you based on oxney rd?

whittlesey, just past the level crossing (east bound)

kings dyke, been in there many times

I’ll be in there 7am monday…loading for knebworth

unfortunately i won’t :cry:
i’ll be in westwood having my second coffee of the morning
the only transport i do these days is take my girlfriend to work at freemans at 7.30

A good friend of mine used to work there Sally Sharp.
I’ll more than likely be on my second coffee by then aswell but i’ll be still in Kings dyke, no rush they don’t want the bricks till gone nine , then down to purfleet for a load for Tuesday…easy day.

I dont call that a wagon and drag (Joke)

Hi, why doe’s this lorry have a Dundee registration?


They are all private plates…It’s just that my first name begins with a S and my wifes name begins with a P it is an 08 and the HBP is Hanson Building Products…I didn’t buy it, not really into private plates but hey ho it came with the Truck.