Never seen that before.

I was going South on the M6 to join the M5 Birmingham, a Spanish fridge truck goes past with a woman driving and a man in the passenger seat.
Nothing unusual about that I hear you say.
But the lady had a head and neck scarf that Muslim ladies wear.
The firm was Cereuzela, a white artic.
Did anyone else see her ?

Could have been Moroccans living in Spain, or French Moroccans or Algerians relocated for a nicer climate (both literally and politically) than France’s, and to be nearer home, or just Spanish Muslims (there are a few). Probably husband and wife.

relocated for a nicer climate

In Birmingham■■? :laughing:

Husband and wife team, she drove well, cool
and confident in the busy road works.

All I can say is fair play to her. What with all the twaddle the Islamic women have to put up with.
On another note, maybe he can’t cook and clean and don’t trust her :wink: