Netherlands panel BR


a question:

What does the panel BR and what does the BR. It should be mandatory in NL??


I don’t have the faintest idea what the BR plate is.
I’ve never even seen it, before that video.

i found these with a hint from a friend

How do you recognize LPG tanker with heat-resistant coat?


All petroleum gas (LPG) tankers that supply stations in the Netherlands, to be provided by the end of December 2010 from heat-resistant coating. These new regulations are integrated environment in the LPG filling stations. This coating was officially approved by the Ministry and RIVM.

The purpose of this presentation is that the fire department:

The LPG tanks, are equipped with heat-resistant coat to realize.
can display the repressive measures that they are not “covered” LPG tanks are in a threatening BLEVE with both names.


The letters stand for BR: BLEVE retardant (Mnemonic: Fire!)

If the insulation is intact and see no obvious causes of damage are the BLEVE scenario occurs after 75 minutes!

Note: There are already 22 of the 26 tank cars with this new coating in October 2010 equipped!

B.L.E.V.E… Boiling Liquid Expanding Vapour Explosion.