Any recommendations on something to keep the nerves away come test day? Or retest day as it may be

Boots sell Kalms, a natural herb remedy to sooth nerves.
Night before the test, no TV, a hot bath with Radox muscle relaxant, a cup of Horlicks.
While sleeping try and not think too much about the test.
No coffee or alcohol the day before.
Go out and find a distraction before bed time, such as a meal out with friends or family.
If you think you have forgotten what was learnt, don’t panic, the brain has filed the information required for when it’s needed again.

i had some rescue remedy in my pocket when i went to the test centre. while we were waiting i went to loo and put a few drops under my tongue, went back to the waiting room and closed my eyes while all the examiners chatted.

got a bit nervous when they called my name out but by the time the guy had finished checking my licence and we were walking out to the truck a few deep breaths and told myself im gonna do this.

was calm all the way through the drive and reverse. only got nervous again when the guy got back in the truck to give me the verdict.

Make sure you put a smile on your face (or at least an inner smile) and have FUN doing it

Thinking of it as a bit of fun totally relieves any stress or brain ■■■■■ etc

Many have the wrong thoughts such as
I must pass coz I spent loads of money
I must pass coz I need the licence
I must not forget this or that (either you know it or you don’t !!)
What is the examiner doing or thinking

I think you get the idea …

You’ve done the training, you’re ready, believe in yourself!

Take it steady, you’re in no hurry to get anywhere, try to put the examiner to sleep by driving steadily, smoothly, safely and confidently. If you make a mistake or two, don’t dwell on them, they’ve happened and you can’t correct the past and there is a fair amount of leeway built into the test that allows for a certain number of errors.

When I did my test bk in January my driving instructor said to me when I feeling abit stressed or nervous to take a deep breath hold for for 2 secs the breath out slowly. Did the trick for me on the test and passed first time with 3 minors :smiley:

My wife and I were both made redundant at the same time, with very little money, we decided to invest it in an HGV test for me. You have absolutely know idea how much stress this caused me, we had almost everything riding on it. I failed my class II test three times this only added to the financial burden…

Thats the sob story over.

I would love to tell you that I went to the next test full of positive thoughts but I didn’t. The reason I failed my Class II three times was because of uncontrollable nerves. My left leg was shaking so badly I could not control the clutch. I had to go and see our doctor on an unrelated issue and during our conversation I told him about my up coming test and how bad my nerves were. He didn’t bat an eye lid and told me that it was normal and prescribed me BETA BLOCKERS not many just enough to get me through my test, its one of the only times Ive been told by a doctor to experiment with the dosage of a drug! :smiley:

I passed with two minors. I then went on to pass my Class I a few weeks later, first time :smiley:

I have spent most of my life prior to getting my HGV licence dealing with the public and presenting to large groups of people and nerves never played a part.

When I look back on my HGV training and tests I now realise that most of the pressure came from the trainers themselves. They don’t mean to its just the way it is, they think that they are helping when they keep coming out with the horror stories or worst case senario :smiley:

Three years on I’ve been driving an Arctic for a local company and have never looked back, I love it. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Just hoping my nerves don’t ruin it for me, deep down I know I can do it. Just the reverse that gets to me

3 pints of Doombar should do it.

3 pints of Doombar should do it.

3 pints of that and I’ll think I’ve left my legs at the bar… lol

Rich,try this one.

Approach the examiner,shake his hand and say " Morning bellend…forgot your comb? ".

This way,you know you have failed and can enjoy your test nerve free.

If its a woman,say " Make up doesn’t work for everyone does it? ". You will get the same result. Hope this helps.

took me 3 attempts to pass my c test! all down to nerves and making 1 silly mistake on both tests 2 minors each time and a serious :frowning: .
i drove crap on the test i passed several minors really rough driving and i even had to pull over for a few minutes to calm the ■■■■ down!!! lol