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Hey guys i am 23 year old driver in London i drive for asda with their van :slight_smile: as you know the pay is really bad plus i wanted to drive something bigger as i like diving, got a question have you heard of company such us HGVtraningcost that you train now and pay later is that one good? i wanted to get C1 C+E so pretty much full lorry driving licence i would be great full if you would advise me, i live in north west London near wembley if you know any company here.

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suggest going direct with a reputable company avoid brokers I think hgv training sounds like a broker BUT I may be wrong
others I am sure will correct me if I am wrong.Wallace have a centre reasonably near you or how about going residential
with PSTT forum sponsor just read peoples experience with them I do not think I have seen a negative post about them.
You will benefit from quality training and registered instructors oh and new trucks to learn on -no old bangers!

Having been stung by a broker in the past ( I lost £1500) keep away deal with trainers direct, go and meet them see their trucks have a poke around…

Feel free to come and poke around!

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