What are nedexco like to work for they have a depot near where i am hoping to move to and they do the uk.There depot
is near MEPPEN. that is not far from BRAMSCHE. :sunglasses: :sunglasses:

Not sure if they have any trucks of their own,or if they do,how many.
I’ve usually noticed the majority of them are owner drivers or contract hauliers,though if the depot is in Meppen you can bet they’ll only be paying German wages as opposed to the considerably higher Dutch wages!

I only know this as they also do a fair amount of Scandinavian work.

I am going to look in to haveing my own truck my self. going to put my house on the market to day to start the ball rolling.i will try and find the web site for them :smiley: :smiley:

As KW said mainly use od’s talking to a guy that did some traction work for them a while ago good rates but and heres the but you take off at the start of the week and as the title of a popular beat combo’s album went ‘no sleep til Hammersmith’, tho i dont know if you could call motorhead a beat combo, but you get my drift.

Worked for them some time ago, out of Rilland/Nijkerk where there main office is.

U WILL BE PUSHED if you go on for them. No Problem getting paid ( 45 days after submitting CMR) but rates are crap. 45 cents if your wagon is not in their colours, 47 cents of a Euro if it is.

Pay you on a KM basis. Never exceeded 3000 KMs per wk and even double manned on a couple of Occassions. ask for Tus Heijstek.

Be careful with their trailers, any damage you get billed and you cant dispute it cos they have your money and it just comes out!

I have got to phone there german office to find if there isany work .

[Where are you looking to work from and go to ? I didnt do any german work

it was Holland - UK- Holland. The rates at the time were the best in Holland ( worked out approx 58 pence per km. My previous post is incorrect , the rate is in pence not cents (euros). Approx 75 cents unlivered, 77 cents in Nedexco colours ( only stickers ) so all helps. If your unit is white then its worth doing

They do a lot for Lamb and Western ( Potatoe Chip exporters) and also for HSF logistics.

They do a lot ot Iceland ( Desside) here in UK and Frigiscandia (Bellshill)

Let me know how you get on. Good luck

I work fore iceland at the moment but going to move to germany in the near future. i am looking for a job out there now.


Have you thought of the following companies to work for as potential employers rather than going in for your own motor:


EuroFrost (subsidary of FrigoLanda)


HSF Logistics

Norbert Netzer

Send me a PM and I can give you some more to try if you want

I will try them all i willlet you now how i get on :smiley: :smiley:

my mate did a stint with hsf logistics all i will say is dont bother buying a sleeping bag cuz it will never get used Hurry. Stop. For. nothing. rts or roadrunner are mainly subbies alot of ex service men that were based in germany work for there subbies paid by the km so more you do more you earn if you now what i mean