Nearly a year now!

Good morning/afternoon/evening folks!

Not posted in a while but next month it’ll be a year since I passed my Cat C test with Paul at Elmet driver training and it really doesn’t feel like I’ve been driving for that long but alas time has just flown by.

I started my first driving job in August with Mcdowells on agency after taking 8 days off work in the office at rb as I was on 4 on 4 off it gave me 3 weeks to see if I liked the job, as I was a bit unsure myself as to whether I’d take to the job well or not.

Needless to say I signed all the paperwork on the day after I passed my mod 4 test and was out in the wagon the following Thursday My first trip was a simple run, full load of beauty products destination asda at Lutterworth to break me in gently. :grimacing:

It was safe to say I loved every minute as scary as it was at times as it can be intimidating these big places for the first time! But certainly was nice to put a days work in but it not feel like it was a job but more living the dream as the old cliche goes. :slight_smile: and having the office both the agency and the traffic office making sure I got on okay and asking how things went was refreshing as where I worked in the office we didn’t ask said questions! :laughing: :laughing:

After my second week working with mcdowells in had an interview with a local firm down the road from McDowell for a full time job as much as I loved working at McDowells it weren’t full time and when bills need to be paid job security is priority. Needless to say I landed the job, which had its perks! Nice truck, no cab hopping, parking paid for, decent hourly rate and easy work.

Also getting to drive a range of vehicle if work was short on the 26t and the 4 series curtainsider that I had for 3 weeks when I started as the lad who was on my truck was getting a new truck.

But lack of hours and nights away it wasn’t paying for me to stay ie costing more to go to work than I was making so alas that was that. And I made the jump back over to Mcdowells where I’m currently working to this day.

Where I’ve worked a variety of contracts from shop deliveries with the factory shop to delivering kitchens to building sites to general haulage and just recently delivering catering equipment to schools hospitals and pubs :sunglasses: in which time ive driven a variety of trucks ranging from 7.5t to 26t









I’ve seen most parts of the country that had I not been doing this job I’d of never probably knew about them let alone see them. The job is easy enough the only thing that lets it down is the ££ but as a new driver you’ve got to just deal with it sometimes.

So a year on nearly enough, it’s good to finally say I’ve got a job I enjoy and doesn’t seem like a chore so much. But alas my journey is far from over and in the next month or so I am going to be looking at arranging my class 1 training for my 22nd birthday :smiley: and as I’ve got a voucher for a nice discount on said training it would be rude not too. :smiley:

Hopefully this post hasn’t bored you all half to death and gives new drivers a bit of hope that there is work there it just takes a little work and putting up with a few bumps along the way. :sunglasses:


Jonny :sunglasses:

Love the post and the real life story ! Deja vu for some of us I am sure :slight_smile: are you thinking going for c+e soon? Or are you happy with local work ? John

I’m looking to do my c&e in August for my 22nd birthday if not before then. And I usually do distance work which is unusual for class 2 work which makes it more enjoyable for me. But I’m wanting to get my class 1 as I’ll be walking straight into a tramping job on general haulage but my place of work will be 5 minutes from my house compared to the 1 hour journey I do now :slight_smile:


Jonny :sunglasses:

Good luck with it all… You have the right attitude and its worth gold to an employer! John

Are you me? I passed last year in August, doing my class 1 in June and I’ve been driving all sorts. This is what I drive at the moment.

We do a lot of paper.

Good read. Shows that things don’t always go exactly to plan but, if you’re prepared to work at it, you can make it come right in the end.

Pete :laughing: :laughing:

Don’t think I am radar, wish i could find a decent paying job with a decent lorry chucked in with it like that one!

And definitely true Pete, Will be ringing your office sometime in a couple weeks to arrange an assessment drive & my training! :smiley:


Jonny :sunglasses:

Heck can’t believe it’s a year since you passed with me, where does time go?

It makes the job all worthwhile to see ex students enjoying there well deserved truck licences.

All the best with the CE.

Paul :smiley:

Doesn’t feel like ive been driving lorries for a year thats for sure!

Be glad when im on the bigger trucks, more earning potential as well as better work :slight_smile:


Jonny. :sunglasses:

Good read-nice one. Im glad you are enjoying it pal.

Hiya Jonny

Fantastic to see your doing well , have read your posts from when you were starting out , you’ve been determined all the way and its paid off cant believe its a year since you passed either and I’m sure when you go for the class 1 in Aug. that determination will be there again good luck to u mate your living your dream :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

:open_mouth: by the way just realised I will have to renew my hgv licence in Oct that’s 5 years bloody hell were does the time go !!! :sunglasses:

drive safe
jen x

Well done, glad it’s going so well for you! I’m sure you’ll fly through your Class 1 :slight_smile: