N.d ,easton,is this true

talking to a agency lad and i said i was thinking of applying, he said they dont take on full time any more,only agency,is that true :question:
i then asked about agency there , he said he went in there recently and did 3 shifts, said the times he started he was only getting in 8.5 hrs[thats gar rate] as start time he had meant they needed truck back .
said he was earning £63 per day or £200 ish for three days.
surely that cant be true, at that rate they wouldnt have any agency would they.
i did do agency there years ago when it was salvos, it cant of been that low then.has thinks changed that much on agency :question:

i worked for nobby in dewsbury about 2 yr ago was on 23500 salaried plus 24 quid a night out 15 an hr quid sunday running worked out about 28000 a year without weekends hope this helps mate and i didnt go through an agency either set straight on :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: