My thoughts go out to those that where injured today 070705

as someone who was injured in a terrorist attack july 20th 1982… i can honestly say bring back hanging for those responsible for the atrocities caused today,
my thoughts go out for those suffering loss or injuries and families losing loved ones,
as a father now who has a son in the army i know what my parents went through when this happened to me , thankfully my son wasnt near any of the terrible things that went on today but last friday he was at kings x waiting for the train home and again sunday to go back…
as for the ira getting jailed thats a laugh as most are free now thanks to the british govt… so what did jail achieve … zilch hanging would have been a far better solution
and no i dont hate the irish one of my best mates is irish and i find as i see
so we cannot blame all the asylum seekers etc etc or muslims
for what has happened today just pray we find and get those responsible

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