My photos from Truckfest

Nice photos, Thank`s.

wow some nice motors there.good photos pal. :smiley:

Cracking photos!!

Those Malcolm construction motors are a bit tasty :sunglasses:

Cracking pic’s there,wished i’d gone now instead of deciding to work.
Like the new FH but have got to say,Grampians Scania is the dogs doh-dahs for me!
Lets hope Malvern gets the same kind of weather too.

The Malcolm Construction Scania was one of the best there for me. Some really good stuff on show this year, and cracking weather too. Went on Monday and it wasn’t even that busy - woman on the Iveco stand reckoned they’d had 100,000 on Sunday and people were queuing for 2 hours to sit inside the Stralis Hi-Way :laughing:

crackin pics there mate :slight_smile:


some great looking trucks, personally i liked the old F range volvo pictures in that lot

Thought Malcom’s Scanny tipper is the bollox !
Loved the F88’s

excellent photos wh Malcolm scania/tipper is the stand out truck for me but greenwoods and coles scania are stunning,what I have seen of the new Volvo is pretty bland but ratcliffes version just shows what can be done and it does look amazing with extras on.

brilliant picture off the old ken Thomas f7.

did you get any off the coltons lot :question: :question: :question: :question: :question:

the oldies are class

Great photos, thanks for taking all the trouble to post’em.

That Ratcliffe Volvo is the best looking one Ive seen of them new ones

Thanks for all the positive comments, appreciate it.

Don’t think I did get any of the Coltons lot. TBH, it was that hot and there were that many trucks I don’t really feel like I did it justice!