My old preserved Fire Engine pics

Just thought i’d pop these pics up of my old Dennis RS fire engine, i bought it as a bit of a heap from auctions after it was disposed of by Drax Power station in Feb 2004, had it fully restored and brush painted in time for P,Boro Truckfest in May 2004 - its very 1st show. With the escalation in diesel prices etc it became an expensive hobby and the lack of storage undercover was always a problem so i sold it in Sept 06 to a guy who was taking it too Tenerife i think as a party fire engine, the appliance was ex South Yorkshire Fire Brigade but i had it repainted in todays modern livery - hope u like. :sunglasses:

The engine was a 10.5litre Perkins V8 640 with Allison autobox.

looks well done, shame it had to go really