My new truck

Got the keys to this on monday.Nice truck.Had mega space before this.lost the height in cab now :frowning: .Nice drive though.

PIcture ain’t big enough.

Yeah.I 'm trying to sort that.Think i’ve managed it.New to posting pics so bit of trial and error.

sorted the pic size :smiley:

I hope that ugly chap has moved out the way now. Otherwise you will have to run him down to start work.

Nice tractor you have there. My TGA has just gone in for some work, so I have a nice new (still has plastic covers and stickers on bits in cab from factory) TGX (hire one) at the moment.

Better ride than the megaspace & for a shortarse like me easier to get in & out of :laughing:

looks a lovely truck and i like driving the merc.

bet yours is a good job doing reels and timber.

Another nice new Actros. :smiley: :sunglasses: :wink:

Ha!ha!.That ugly bloke is my stunt double.Yeah think it does ride better than the mega space.I’m not tall either so after banging my head a few times on the top bunk and lockers i got the hang of it.Haul mostly paper and timber.But i work out of the felixstowe depot.We do alot more general haulage out of there.All in all well pleased with the merc.Know they not to everyones taste.But these new one’s are very good.

Has it got the powershift 2 gearbox :question: :smiley:

That is a very nice looking truck. Merc seem to have worked hard at smartening the appearance of their actros quite a bit.

Yeah removal boy it has got the new powershift box.A big improvement over the previous one.I think merc have got it more or less spot on in and out of the cab now.