My new motor

Started a new job Monday, didnt know what motor i was getting until they gave me my first job and the keys to my new home. I was given a 54 plate

Well at least its aMegaSpace i think to myself, i drove an 1857 once and hated it, mind you it was getting on a bit at the time, id read good reports of the new models thou.
A long way up there!

Once inside, and Wow! The blokes at Merc have really made a big improvement over the older model i had before, nice big overhead lockers

nice underbunk lockers

some more storage space at each end of the bed

the gearstick is on a armrest, which when not in use folds up beside your seat to give clear access to the rest of the cab

and when you go to bed at night, just to remind you what motor you are in, they have got this on the underside of the top bunk

i did have some more pics but lost em while transfering em off my phone :blush: :blush:
There is more storage than ive shown in my pics, there are even 2 different sized drinks holders on each side of cab. Its a nice motor to drive, thou i am a bit wobbly as its my first right hand drive motor for a long time, the radio is 100 times better than the one in the Scania i used to drive, and the engine pulls quite well which amazed me.
All in all, im impressed with it, which i thought id never hear myself say about a Merc, and ive only gone to get in the passenger door arond 4 or 5 times so far :blush: :blush: Note to self, steering wheel is on the right :blush: :wink:

good pics kindle,looks like a very nice motor. I’ve been stuck in a 51 plate renault premium all week :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp:

As you said,a big improvement over the old model.
Even though mine is only the normal cab,I’m quite pleased with it,loads of storage and cubby holes,and very quiet and comfortable to drive.

kindle530 Nice truck. I had the one before that, the 430. One thing you have to watch . If a car gets level with your N/S front wheel ( comes up on your nearside on a motorway ) its almost impossible to see him when you are moving. That is a serious blind spot. Good trucks…Run best when fully freighted… & with all that torque they will spin on a wet roundabout…if you give it toomuch welly. Looks like you`re settled for next few years… ? :smiley: Just noticed they have fitted an extra mirror on the N/S…

Dont know if im settled harry, i just took the opportunity when it came up, the money is too good to turn down. Very laid back here and everyone in the office is very nice and friendly. It"ll do while im still looking for Euro job.

This is the problem. The kit you could go round the world with. The conditions and pay are fantastic but after a while it gets harder to stay awake… If you are used to pressure and long distance deadlines its hard to get motivated on UK work. I couldnt fault the work here but all the life has been sucked out of the job. Xmas Eve was the same as any other day..if you know what I mean.. Its hard to explain..( Like being a corporation bus driver or something ) I once compared it to the way people work in factories . You clock in, mount your new overhead crane & just trundle back & forwards until it was time to clock off.. I dont mean any disrespect to people that like those jobs…But they won`t have many stories to tell the grand children… PS .That phone of yours takes cracking pics…

Good pics and nice truck :smiley:

Looks good, Kindle!

Remember the old trick when you ‘swap sides’■■ Leave a hand brush (or something) in the footwell so when you keep going to the ‘wrong’ side just pretend you meant to do it and brush off the steps!! :wink: :wink: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

But with that model Merc its easier to get behind the wheel if you get in the passenger side & walk over… .I used to do that with the XL Globey as well…

Looks good, Kindle!

Remember the old trick when you ‘swap sides’■■ Leave a hand brush (or something) in the footwell so when you keep going to the ‘wrong’ side just pretend you meant to do it and brush off the steps!! :wink: :wink: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Ive done that mate, usually when ive finished tipping and go to the passenger side, unlock the door and think, [zb], then i get me water bottle out and wash my hands :laughing: :wink:
And the mirror was already on the front when i got the motor harry, to be honest, i dont think ive used it yet, mind you, havent really been to anywhere tight yet, so we"ll see if its any good when i do.
Ive been to Basildon on Monday, back empty(1st day) Tuesday to Birmingham back empty, Wednesday Coventry and Birmingham back empty, Thursday Birmingham reload Magna Park, Friday Newbury, reload Thatcham. Ive never done so little in a week!! When i said to the bloke in the office, are you breaking me in gently he said no, thats a normal week!

No fridge in it then?

kindle530 Its only when you are rolling on a motorway. For instance, If you are in roadworks & decide to change lanes from outside to nearside. You check the N/S lane it looks clear . But if there is a car on your N/S front wheel its a total blind spot… ( But it looks like they have added an extra mirror.)
If you haven`t got a fridge I still have mine that I used in an Actros. In the older model it fitted exactly under the bed on the passenger side. Its a 24v & has a cigar lighter plug that plugs into the socket just above the bed. It cost about £50. You can have it for £20.I may do an ebay & take a snap of it…

Karl, no fridge mate, its just a fleet motor, has got air-con and cruise control thou, harry, thanks for the offer mate, but ive got a coolbox in there at min, if that goes bang, ive got a £350 electrolux compressor in the garage. :slight_smile:
There is one thing i have got a complaint about thou with the motor, and thats that the bed isnt wide enough, maybe just me being spoilt previously though, with a Topline Scania and before that a Super Space Cab. :laughing:

kindle530 The bed was the problem with the older model. They said that they had made it wider with the one you got by making an extension on the back of the cab. A little bit like the old Atkis. Sorry to hear it doesnt work. The best for me was the Volvo XL. Wide bed plus a mattress. I still have the mattress.Don`t worry about the fridge offer. The logistics of getting it to you were formidable…