My licence....

Hello everyone, just thought i would let you all know that my driving licence is finally in the post and i should get it tomorrow (they recieved it on 19th feb), and i am fit enough to drive rigids so i have the provisional entitlement.

as soon as it comes through i am booking my theory test so i can get it out of the way.

In the old days if you had a normal driving licence as soon as you were 21 you could drive anything. But no firm would take you on until you were 23… It cut out a load of hassle that your generation has thrown at you. It really worked because you got paid to learn alongside the old hands. Unbeatable practical experience. Nowadays they pop you into £100Ks worth of kit & expect you to know everything. On this talkboard I have seen young drivers asking what a Range Change is. They have srcatched around the box of a cheap motor to pass their test & excelled at the theory but they are chucked in at the deep end when it comes to the real job. Good luck anyway. I had a great time & made good money. Hope you will as well.

They received it on the 19th Feb and you’re only due to get it back tomorrow?!

Good luck with the theory, you’re right it is good to get that out the way :laughing:

yeah well when i called my doc surgery they said it was a month b4 the next appointment, so me being clever i decided to call a different surgery and made an appointment for the next week…i had a minor med condition to declare…sent it same day special delivery and it was received by dvla on 19th feb…but coz of med con they had to send a questionaire to MY doc…the lady that fills them in was on holiday for 2 weeks, then it took 3 weeks to get to the top of the pile…she filled it in, then doc checked it n signed it, she then sent it off.

called DVLA and they said it can take 2 weeks to be processed so i left it 2 weeks, called DVLa and they said give it another week…a week later i called doc surgery to enquire exactly which day they sent it, then call dvla to ask if they got it…they havent so i inform them of the date it was sent…the lady said “dont worry we will ring the surgery n sort it out”.

a week later i call dvla to see if my licence is done as i assumed they would get the answers they needed over the phone…wrong, they sent another questionaire to my doc surgery…i called doc surgery and asked how long it would be and they lady informed me that as they do NOT keep a copy of the questionaires (bloody stupid if u ask me) they had to go through the whole lot again…so i asked if they could fax it asap…that was 2 weeks ago and they faxed and sent it on thursday.

MY ADVICE: if you have a med condition goto your OWN doctor to save all the rubbish i had.

sorry for the very long post.

…Or keep schtum.

Well yes but that would be illegal and i personally like to stay legal mate.