My freind has a problem - Court Action ETC

This is for a friend - so it would be appreciated if we keep things factual and non-personal in respects to his driving/career choice.

This person managed to roll over a lorry and trailer coming onto a motorway. The accident occurred in Dundee - The tractor unit and trailer went into a verge and got tram lined and after a bit of a panic and steering correction, came out of the verge got traction and went onto its side.

The driver was not hurt badly - and no one else was involved. Only damage to a crash barrier and to the lorry/trailer itself. The load shed itself onto the motorway and the road was then closed for over 7 hours.

After the accident the person has now received a court order and is being charged with careless driving and 17 tachograph infringements. All are minor breaches of 10 minutes here and there etc.

What will be receive from the courts if he pleads guilty and admits fully to the charges at hand.

3-9 points for careless driving and fine?

And around £500 to £1000 for driver hours offences?

What is realistic in a Scottish court in Dundee? Should he represent himself - or employ a experienced solicitor who deals with RTA’s.Graduated Fixed Penalty?

He already has 3 points for a speeding offence - and 3 points for another speeding offence on a English ghost license.

Many thanks.

Best thing to do would be to seek proper legal advice instead of the answers from part time lawyers on here.
Also as this is a Scottish court matter very few will have experience in that.
Do you have legal representation through a union or household insurance? That would be the route if suggest or if you qualify, then maybe legal aid.

i would advise your friend too get proper legal reprisentation in court, i know it will cost money for a soliciter but it may save his licence and a few quid.