my f16 project

Hi all,above should be a pic of my F16 during her working life,hope that it comes out

nope all I get is a yahoo page saying

You do not have permission to get the requested URL from this server.

:cry: :cry: :cry:

its in a yahoo personal space by the looks of it, i think they have problems with yahoo freespace, maybe better putting it in photobucket.

not tims but a nice one all the same


Morning all,sorry about that,I guess some people & technology don’t mix!Hopefully this time it will work if it dose I will post some more.

I’m getting good at this!I brought this truck about 4 years ago as a project,i have finally managed to get her running this year and she is almost ready for an MOT.Is there any one here who knows any history about her?i know that she uesd to pull a cattle trailer & the v5 says that the last keeper came form the Retford area,if any one knows any more I would be grateful,also if anyone has any old bits & bobs hanging around in the shed send me a pm & we might be able to come to an arrangement.

what do u need■■? may have some stuff lets us know what you need ok,daz

Hi globby,did you get the pm I sent you?

eeerh no i go have a look sorry mate be back intouch :blush: , daz, if i can help i will let u know either way ok,

Have you got any more picture of your f16
What have you done to the truck?

Carry on the good work, i would like to see it when it finished
:sunglasses: :sunglasses:

a few dutch F16 trucks , still in use today

were there a lot of F16 models in use in the uk at that time ■■?