My European Tour Part 3 (with lots of pics)

After getting the boat back to Sweden and arriving in Kappelskar, i met another one of our drivers waiting for the boat out, so after a chat with him i joined the E18 and followed it from start to finish, starting from when i got off the boat finishing in Oslo, simple!

en route

stopping for an hour break, looking down on this

Arrived at the border to do a carnet as Norway is not in Europe

all done and into Norway for the first time

Part of my load flew from Finland to Iceland for a gig, so i headed for the airport, finding a cozy services to hole up for a couple of days, all this was done in the dark so this was the only pic i got of that part of the trip

Inbetween reading books and watching dvd’s i kept an eye out for the trucks, here are some of them…

Kim Johansen from Denmark

Dutch R500

VN from Holland

this tanker driver was on his phone from arrival to departure, including when discharging his diesel

Polish driven Norwegian reg’d M.A.N

so 2 days later i go to the airport, pick up my gear and park at the unloading area, which unfortunatly for me is on a busy crossroads with my cab bang next door to a cafe full of shouting immigrants (well it was during the day!)

After that, i head down to Helsingborg for the 20min ferry to Helsingor

and arrive in Denmark
And here i am until later when ive got 2 days to get to Holland (ive got a permit for Sunday)

Im going blind, dont know why, must be all the time alone with my curtains shut, and im getting into Heavy metal, so ive decided to grow my hair, it didnt take long…

thats it so far…

Interesting pics and write up thanks

great diary mate good pics aswell.

Intresting diary with some nice pics,i envy you travelling to some of those
countries ! :smiley:

I feel very lucky doing so, i never thought id ever get to drive to Finland or Norway, or some of the other places i will be going in the next 2 months, eg. Turkey (mind you theres one or two that i havent really got any interest in going to, Albania for a start) its all an adventure i suppose!

Quality photos and diary. I’m pretty sure that i have seen some of your vehicles round donington park for the download festival.

good read and pics mate.
reminds me of my spell at transams in 2006.
really enjoyed it, got too see some great places, (road too bergen) is a slog, and meet some real charecters.
watch out for the dodgy mohawk with the tatts though :open_mouth:

Keep 'em coming. Interesting diary with great pictures

When are you back in Denmark Carl?
Was due to fly back tomorrow, but after talking to the boss today he said dhl were keeping me in Denmark to middle of week so im not flying back untill sunday, i think im over in Copenhagen monday so txt me if you are about, txt me anyway as my phone crashed while ive been on holiday and ive lost your number again. Nice pics by the way, aint been up that way for donkeys years.

Never did ask you why the band your cartin about going to Albania? av they got a new 8 track cart out in Albania (if you are over 40 you will know what they are)
Just remember what i told you, dont land up having to go to a hospital out there, or if you do hang on to your shoes and everythin else that you own.
av fun