My 141 Pics

Click here to see all my 141 pics, she’s nearly done!! MOT’d and road worthy, lovely to drive!!!
If you look at the bottom there are 3 pages of them! … 51/?page=3

Looks like youve done a proper job on that mate,shes looking good! :smiley:

That really is smart mate, well done :smiley:

lots of filler urr

What a great enthusiast you are…of all the vehicles you chose it had to be the 141…a great job done, and i admit you brought the memories to the fore. I used to drive the same model on mid east work, and theyre fantastic trucks to live and work in…good luck to ya, and hope to see her at the show one day…

It certainly looks like you put the hours into that ben. It seems a nice job you have made :wink:

Hope to see it at Gaydon

looks well ben done a nice job there mate like malc said hope to see ya at gaydon next month

I cant make Gaydon again this year!!! I have booked in for Uttoxeter though.

Truckyboy- what else do i need to make it authentic?

did you do the spray painting yourself?
its really tidy.
good work indeed.
i drove one of these myself many years ago.

A couple of things to make it more authentic a little mirror by the little window in the door and a kerb mirror as in one of my LHD 141s in this pic.

Also the only Scania tractor unit I have had with air tanks like yours was a rigid that had been cut down all the others had air tanks as in the above pic. 141’s did not have a super badge either that was early 140s, a metal sunvisor would be good too!

Really nice motor though you have done really well congratulations I admire the work you have done.

Regards Pat

nice job matey

a credit to you

Ainacs, thanks for your comments. I do have a mirror and arm for the little window. Metal sunvisors are very hard to come by, and if i was to have one the angle adjuster in the cab would have to work and that, unfortunatly is nearly impossible these days. But i do just prefer the perspex ones anyway.
As for air tanks, i’m told by Scania that it was more common in Europe and this vehicle was sold new to Koblenz in 1980. I have got hold of the original delivery/pdi form and the wheelbase and truck are correct, so it was deffinatly a tractor not a rigid, the only difference was the engine, it started life as a 111. The greeks added the V8!!
Thanks for your comments though, i like the Jameson Motor very much!

oh my god… it’s the little things that bring back memories!!!

The little cage thing on the top of the cab :smiley:

Mr 141:
I cant make Gaydon again this year!!! I have booked in for Uttoxeter though.

Truckyboy- what else do i need to make it authentic?

I cant do an impression of Truckyboy, but try sending Keith - KW a PM. he has some original stickers from that era, maybe you could have some copies made.

A Tauern Autobahn, Brenner and a few other stickers from the era in the screen would help

Already spoke to KW and your right he has loadsa bits and he has sent me some lovely stickers, of which i’m getting some reproduced. Thanks though

I think it’s missing a bracket under the front bumper with four Cibie Super Oscars on it.
Or even a Kysor air-con unit on the roof.

It does look lovely though,reminds me of when Scania made ‘Proper Trucks’!!!

Hmm no spots under the bumper, lots of others have done that all ready and i do like to be different. I think you can still buy the red-dot air con box or may be it is the kysor one, but a company from Switzerland do still sell them for about £650, very tempting!!!

Having some of your stickers re-produced soon KW, thanks again.

Your truck is a credit 2 ye, not 2 dissimilar to these below, but you need that mirror on the door!!! The metal visor , which reveal the marker lights really would have been the business tho! I remember you had an adjuster inside the cab near the roof , so it may have proved difficult.

Didnt the 141 have wipers on the headlights ?

I think it would look better without the Scania Mud flaps in the front tho, they are a more modern look and didnt exist in the 70s.

Ye missin the side mud visors!!! a must!!

Nevertheless your truck is Superb, fair play to ye now.

Hi just noticed that your 141 doesn’t have the black hard rubber steps on the front bumper so you can step up to clean the windscreen!

Regards Pat

Nice pics Routier. I have now taken off the front mudflaps, i didnt like them either. I have the mirror and arm for the door and the rubber steps for the front bumperare on order.

Does anyone know where that 6 wheeler went in Routiers picture? Its rather nice!