Muller Wiseman Bridgewater

Anybody know why they are still sticking to 40mph on the A358?

Not the only ones :unamused:

The old '358 - one of the most frustrating roads to drive on! Especially during the summer months! :open_mouth:

I was following an artic doing 40mph on the S/c going South towards Lincoln.
In the distance I could make out it was a Dutch fridge trailer, so thought, surely his boss would have told him about the higher limit.
I caught him up at the roundabout, not a Dutch driver, an English unit, with a knob wearing a dirty hiviz for extra protection in an accident, I thought what a knob he was.

Just to say, at this depot there IS a notice advising drivers of the new limits that has been up for about 4 weeks.

Drivers are, however, hourly paid…

Oh, and it’s spelled Bridgwater.