Muller - Normanton

Anyone know if they pay weekly or monthly?
Rigid work, is it Tesco express/Sainsbury’s local kind of drops?
Tried searching but couldn’t find out.
Thanks in advance

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Any milk drivers I have spoken to at Sainsbury’s back doors have not been too happy.
Some did not appear to be capable of conversation…

Think they maybe Arla though rather than Muller?

It’s weekly pay, less than a tenner an hour but bumped up if you’re willing to work weekend or nights

Weekly paid, the base rate works out at around 9.57 an hour. After 39 hours, you get time and a half. Time and a half on Saturdays, Double on Sundays and triple on bank holidays.
Good place to get experience, you’ll either be on cover (Covering different runs whilst the drivers are off) or your own run, which is good to learn to get used to the vehicle.
Easy enough, mostly One stop, Tescos, Iceland’s, Sainsburys Locals.

All the best! :slight_smile: