Mugs job if anybody interested?

LGV General Chemicals Driver
Thurrock / Mitcham
Number of Vacancies:
Monday — Friday Tramping
· Report to on a day to day basisto customer in Mitchamfor instructions, with support when needed from Norbert Dentressangle Tankers Thurrock
· Line Manager from Norbert Dentressangle Local Manager
Operate on the a dedicated contract supplying Resins to Industrial Customers on behalf of Reichhold
Key Responsibilities:
· Driving an ND tanker and unit in accordance with 5-star training policy
· Delivering in a safe manner complying with all relevant legal and company procedures
· Driving an ND tanker and unit in a safe and courteous manner
· Monitor and report wear and tear to vehicles
· Prevent and report damage
· Maintain communication with the customers and ND officeThurrock
· Ensure all paperwork is completed correctly
· Carry out start/end circle checks as per procedure
· Ensure vehicle loaded safely and correctly
Essential experience/ Skills / Attributes:
· ADR licence mandatory
· C + E entitlement on licence
· Significant Tanker Experience
· Digital tachograph drivers card
· Knowledge of regulations surrounding the working time directive and tachograph
· Basic level of numeracy and literacy, in order to complete work documentation
Basic Terms & Conditions:
· Monday — Friday Tramping
· £6.66 per hour (40 hours a week)
· £9.99 per hour (All hours over 40 hours and Saturdays)
· Guaranteed £446 p/w up to £581 p/w fall back at managers discretion
· £27 night out allowance
· 28 days holiday (20 days plus 8 bank holiday to be taken as agreed with Manager)
Apply to:
If you feel you meet the requirements for this role, please inform your Line Manager and forward a current CV, together with covering letter, to:-
Ian Champion
Operations Manager — General Chemicals (South)
Norbert Dentressangle Tankers Limited
Titan Truck Park
Stoneness Road
Thurrock, Essex, RM20 3AG
Application Dates:
Opens: Wednesday 12th June 2013
Closes: Sunday 23rdJune2013


What does £581 fall back at managers discrection mean I wonder?

What does £581 fall back at managers discrection mean I wonder?

If you ■■■■ him off you don’t get it :laughing:

Adr +hgv + tramping for £6.66 per hour
Is that Normal rate of pay?

:slight_smile: :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :grimacing:

£6.66 The hourly rate of the beast.

Adr +hgv + tramping for £6.66 per hour
Is that Normal rate of pay?

It is now! :wink: PMSL!

Must pay really well for a skilled worker though. Bet the queue is miles long.

I’m out :grimacing:

I’m out :grimacing:

Me to, I wouldn’t want the pay CUT. :grimacing: :grimacing:

I can’t afford the stamp on the letter for that.

Toilet cleaners get more than that - even up north, which this ain’t! :open_mouth:

That vacancy will get filled without much problem.


I wonder if dear old Norbert dressingtable could get a Frenchman to work for that kind of money?

Sacre blue NON!!!

Old Norbert is just another bloody stobart but with a red livery

Whats the french for bloody shiester.

What does £581 fall back at managers discrection mean I wonder?

It means you’ll never get it.

That much to drive a Renault lol I’m out too

Why doesn’t somebody send an e mail or a letter saying,“are you taking the ■■■■?” See what they send back. That’s a ■■■■■■■ joke is that wage.

Whats the minimum wage £6.19? So for an extra 40p you get to drive dangerous chemicals round the country. That is pretty shocking, i thought nobbies was quite a decent rate of pay.

This is what the RHA should be fighting against. Not galavanting around various gala nights and other such ■■■■■■■■. I know people will say they are only for operators but ■■■■ me this one needs gripping if they think that is right and fair.

And if ND come back saying the pay is like that cos the rates aren’t there then that allegedly makes it even more an RHA issue if they are for operators.

Why doesn’t an industry journalist ask a few pertinent questions of this firm as to why they feel this is a fair wage in their view? And then compare to other firms within the same niche with better conditions and ask how/why the difference.

£6.66 The hourly rate of the beast.

lol lol :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

That is less an hour than my 16 year old nephew gets for sitting in q shed selling tickets to car drivers for a car park at a beach here in pembrokeshire ! Fact …

My 17 year old gets more than that working in a supermarket making pizzas !