Moving Plant Machinery

Scenario : You run a 12 tonne lorry that carries plant machinery around uk for road resurfacing. Said lorry will stay in its named Operating Center for up to 4 weeks at a time without moving then will take plant out for a job up to 3/4 hours away. Same said lorry will sit at the job for however long needed whilst plant does it’s job,then lorry will carry its buddy back to operating centre. Sometimes though the lorry will carry on from first job to another (when jobs fall that way) again within 3/4 hours. Occasionally the lorry will park up at another of the companies’ depots if convenient for the next job. Driver has a HGV CPC but lorry driving is not his main job as he jumps out and gives his mates a hand with the road. Lorry has a calibrated tachograph fitted. Operating Licence in place. Does driver have to use tachograph or can a Daily/Weekly log book cover him for his driving and other work?

Tacho, isn’t it only utilities and recovery vehicles on log book?

there is an exemption within the regulations for road maintenance vehicles, whether your vehicle falls within this I am not to sure, as it is not the vehicle doing the maintenance only carrying the vehicle doing it, also the looking at the domestic regs it might be possible, but the drive must not do anymore than 4 hours driving a day.
I think you might need to call dvsa to get a definite answer.

VI vs Bruce Cook Road Planing… … ehicle.htm

In short a vehicle carrying machinery to/from a road maintainence job is NOT exempt from tachograph

Thanks for that Rikki-uk, very interesting reading.