Moving house/operating centre

Have any owner operators who operate from home moved house ? Is it easier to get an interim from another operators premises in the mean time ? Iam looking at moving to bigger premises but have got a cash buyer and the other seller has already purchased a farm so it could happen very quick .

Can’t you just ask the buyer if you can continue using your existing operating centre until you get the new one sorted ?

A mate of mine is changing his operating centre Dan, he went down the interim route.
Cheers Dave.

I had to move quickly a few years ago, i used the interim route, i had to explain why, think it took 10- 14 days for the interim, easy enough

Interim here too when we changed trading names (to ltd company) back in 2006

Was quite painless

My understanding of an interim O’licence was they allowed you to operate before your O’licence had been granted, but you have to have the application in the system,

I don’t think they allow you to operate from a place that isn’t going to be your permanent operating centre on a temporary basis.

I have applied for an interim licence in the past and done several O’licence applications in the last few years, the people who deal with them at VOSA do seem to help as much as they can.