Movement of 7.5t vechile

I need help to clarify a few parts of the law…, after 28yrs as tramping in uk i now live in Romania, i am starting to export from uk 7.5t vechiles. My son in the UK is willing to collect the truck and drive to Romania, i understand that he will have to use a tachograph, am i right? He will not be working for me as such, just helping, of course there’s a drink for him but not a wage. When he drives to Romania there possibly could be some fridge units in the back for spares. I need advice on O licence if indeed this comes into the equasion and tahco requirements. Insurance is also i need to enquire about. Any help anybody can give will be greatly appreciated.

If it is a commercial operation then it comes under EU regs

The driver being paid or not has no bearing on it

I agree, he’s carrying goods for a commercial operation, there’s no exemption from EU regulations.

I’m not sure about the operators licence, but as you/he are transporting goods for commercial purposes I imagine one of you will need an operators licence.