Motorway diversions at night

Hi folks,

are these diversions all set up for HGV’s? most nights ill have a double deck trailer and coming off the motorway onto small villages and roads gives me the fear.


Yes, they are set up for Hgvs, so the diversion routes should never take you under low bridges.

However, I would say that diversion signage can often be unclear, so you should be sure to take extra care when reading the signs and take your time, even if it means going back around the roundabout to be 100% sure.

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get yourself the highways england app. If i haven’t got you confused with someone else i believe your doing regular runs to depot’s. Check the app before you leave your base and see if there are any planned diversions. If there are you can ask other drivers or your trainer where to go in advance or any issues they know about.

Doing the same route is good for new passes as it helps them get to learn the areas they will be going to. I used to do a regular run that involved the m11 i got to learn all the diversion routes and improve on them. 10 min on google maps shows the best routes for you and you can check for bridges etc. Even better is the diversion is on the way back quick look on google maps and it will show where the motorway is shut and the diversion.


I followed an M3 diversion a few months back that sent me across to the east side into a dead end at a petrol station. I had a little 26ft rear stear so swung round back across the to the west side and eventually back onto the M3 towards the M25.

I couldn’t fathom why the diversion did that but it turns out a sign was either moved deliberately or fell over.

Beware of diversions off the M25, the recent closure would take you into the ULEZ zone if you chose the wrong one!

Some instances where the signage is ■■■■ poor. In areas I’m unfamiliar with I rely on them cause I don’t have a proper trucknav so sometimes end up just pulling over and finding a route. They SHOULDN’T send you anywhere unsuitable for hgvs and if there are any low bridges on the diversion a seperate one for vehicles over the height should be signposted.
You soon get used to them and learn to avoid them using other routes when you can.
Great if you’re hourly paid, not so much if you’re salary/job & knock.