Most unusual place parked at for daily rest period


I once fell asleep in a churchyard on the Crumlin Road, does that count?

if yours counts,then id think mine just might scrape in?

numerous years ago in my youth i was out bladdered,woke up in what i thought was a cell as it was 8 foot square,no windows,made of dimpled metal with perspex shielded rooflights.
i thought i had been arrested and was locked up in some kind of special cell due to me initially thinking i had done the grand slam,but i had only ■■■■■■ myself and vomited all around me,so two out of three wasnt as bad as it could of been.
i was sitting up dying trying to work out where id been and how id been put in there when i heard footspeps coming behind me,then a click and a shudder.
at that point i fell backwards through the lift doors as there was a family heading out for church about 14 floors up in the high flats i was for some unknown reason kipping in.
we all got out on the ground floor,up the road i wandered and no court appearance on the monday.
i deffo had a great night somewhere so bit of a win win all round for me. :slight_smile:

Ahhh man! I am crying here :laughing:
I once woke up in an EXTREMELY enclosed space. I had inches of space and some metal walls. Totally blacked out.
■■■■ me, what have I done to deserve this? Have I been kidnapped by a serial killer? WHat´s next, the …gulp…drill and angle grinder. Proper panicking.
Then me mate let me out of the locker they rammed me in last night because I was singing too loud!
Oh how we laughed.