Morrisons have gone mad!

Well, as you may remember, I work for Wincantons pulling for Morrisons. I’ve been there 11 months. I thought working at the new RDC at Burton Latimer would be a ‘good thing’. This would, I thought, mean lower petrol costs (5 miles to work rather than 20) and so more money in my pocket.

Anyway, to cut to the chase, I got a rejection letter without even an interview. This was because there were ‘more applicants more closely matched to our requirements’.

Talking to the lads at work, the money isn’t as good anyway, somuchso that some, who live in the kettering and surrounding areas, if they don’t get on nights then they aren’t going to go because the drop in wages will be significantly more than the drop in petrol money. Nights drivers reckon it’ll cost them £30 to £50 a week in wages to work on Morrisons wages rather than Wincantons.
We don’t know whats going to happen to our depot at Swan Valley, its been said that the contract to Wincantons still has 4 years to run, but the rumours seem to say that its only going to be trace work after Christmas. Oh well, I guess the best thing to do is to just keep going to work until they tell us otherwise!

Don’t be surprised if there are more ads for drivers for Morrisons at Burt Lat in the local papers soon…

Wincanton took over from tnt on our b&q contract last year they got a 3 year contract with it but the place shuts down next year !!!..

I dread the thought of working for b&q directly .

I think it’ll be worth speaking to the CAB about your contract with Wincanton and see what responsibility they have to keep you in gainful employment, including making efforts to find you work elsewhere should the lack of work force them to do so.

Could transfer to another depot then!

They do a lot of Tescos stuff I think?