Morris J type van

I used to have a Saturday job with the fruit & veg man as a kid knocking on doors selling spuds & veg out of the back of a Morris J type van.

They’ve brought out a retro looking all electric version which looks really cool I think.

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Has SAIC made this ? as a cay on from the MG. brand

No it’s a new start-up company called Morris commercial in Worcester.

been about for a while now , not produced any for sale yet , just the demonstrators.

Yes, I hope they don’t go belly up as is the way with some of these start up companies, It would be great to see these retro Morris vans on the roads.

Wiki suggests it is built on a Nissan Leaf drive train. If so it should be free of technical niggles and development costs, and have decent parts back-up.
The above is based on Wiki being correct and a fair few assumptions!

Clear out the garage, buy a 2nd hand Leaf, an angle grinder, economy pack of David’s Isopon, and build your own!

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