More work pics from the frozen north (europe)

Following on from my other thread

“We’ve had bigger than that in here driver”… is not something I’ve heard recently :smiley: (apart from off the mrs) :laughing:

And here preserved for posterity is the first time ever I’ve reversed an A frame without having someone telling me which way to turn the steering wheel :smiley:
My second time driving a “big” wagon and I’m very much feeling like a beginner again.

Anyway that was earlier in the week; today started like this, with me heading off to pick up an empty container:

And a short while later I’m at the docks - and here it is. There’s mine :open_mouth: :laughing: :

A short while later still and I’m back at the factory loading up. Yes, I’ve got the small wagon today:

Now I’m loaded it’s off to another container yard where it’s self service. I’ve already posted pictures of the outside of the container machine on the earlier thread. But here’s the steps:

Note to self number one - do not clobber wagon!

The green light is actually orangey-red :unamused:

We have lift_off!

Now to find somewhere to put it down. Note to self number two - do not clobber train!

After this the weather deteriorated and there was so much snow flying about sideways that it wasn’t really possible to take more phone-o-graphs.

Anyway all the best for now


Great pics there ZP.

Your’e a braver man than me. Far too cold.

Brrr!!! :laughing:

nice pictures thanks,for shareing them,

Good Pic’s :smiley: