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hi all,being looking here a while now and a good site it is too.sorry to open with more bad news for our countrys dad emailed me with the news that teeside ship yard are employing polish workers there cos,wait for it “they cant get the right men for the job” sorry dont know how to post the link but its icnewcastle/ under local news. :frowning:

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Skilled shipyard workers blast use of Poles Mar 14 2005

Dumped yard workers today hit out as bosses hired cut-price Polish staff to do their jobs.

The unemployed yard workers rapped A&P, based in Hebburn, after it claimed no-one on Tyneside had the skills to work on a programme at its Teesside yard.

The men, who have all been working in the industry since they were 15 and have worked on shipyards around the world, asked A&P to look on its doorstep for workers before looking abroad.

Andy White, 44, of Midhurst Avenue in South Shields, is a boiler-smith and worked for A&P Tyne until four weeks ago.

He has not had a stable yard job since last year, when he was made redundant from Swan Hunter after a two-year spell working on the RFA Largs Bay.

He said: "I am only on short-term contracts and it is very difficult. I do not agree with bringing in foreign labour full stop.

“It is annoying. There are plenty of tradesmen on the Tyne sitting on the dole a the moment.”

Mr Bryant would not say how many Polish workers the yard is hiring but confirmed they were working there. He said: “The company we are using has a few Polish people. The people in Tyneside have different work skills to the ones we are bringing in. The reasons I brought them in is because I cannot get anyone with these skills on the Tyne.”

Mr Bryant would not say what job the Polish men had been hired to do or on what project. Fred Newman, managing director of A&P Tyne, was unavailable for comment.

So why does the goverment allow this to happen :question: :question:
They would rather pay people who want to work dole money and other benefits which comes out of everyones pockets , keeps a area such as Wallsend in unemployment when jobs are going down the road :imp:
WHY because cheap eastern bloc labour is a short term ■■■■■ fix to keep the share holders happy :imp:
Stuff the fact it will give some unemployed proud hard working British shipyard worker back some dignitey ,which has a knock on effect for the whole area, shops will stay busy, kids wont hang around kicking their heels if they are working etc etc the knock on effect is far ranging compared to the knock on effect of unemployment.
How did Britain keep running before the EU allowed the eastern bloc countries in, better then it did before they joined.
Turkeys next ready to jump on the EU gravey train , holding out their hands :imp:
And they will probley work for less then the eastern bloc " workers"

:smiley: :smiley: thank you for the welcome and the reply s guys.well i get the feeling that this is the thin end of the wedge in every no expert but this has got me thinking .if general haulage firms start employing foreign drivers on lower wages then as i see it there will be a huge battle going on for companys to stay in the haulage buisness who havent employed any fdrivers,because they wont be able to compete for jobs on price.obvious.but what will happen when the WTD comes in,some of you guys and girls who work “in house” have had wage rises already to meet theWTD,[ which is good] but bringing in cheap labour means a job rate price war and no rise in wages in general haulage.then in the future some accountant will see that it will be cheaper to “outsource the work” from the supermarkets to an ailling transport industry to save were back to the start of the record,and the WTD was a big con just to create more jobs by limiting the hours people work.hope im wrong though.just my opinion.regards…twin shift

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The point you have raised is a recurring theme, not just in Trucking but in UK plc. I have said before on here this is not a race thing, nationality is irrelevent, in a democracy, and I think we still are in one, a Government’s primary role is to protect its own nationals, their jobs, livelyhoods and civil liberties, the incumbent hosts at No10 are not listening to the people and for that they are likely to pay dearly.

With every passing day the “they’re only supporting their family, they have as much right as we do brigade” get smaller and smaller…wonder why that could be?

Not hard to figure out is it.TheUKk is one of the three net payers to the EU and now today there are reports the the EU want to make the UK rebate(the one where theUK gets some of its money back from the EU )the result will be that the UK taxes will rise to pay for the rest of them in the EU.

and dont forget they can set these people on short term contracts and send them home after 17 or 26 weeks and the wtd doesnt affect them !!!