More M6 J7 north roadworks

As above the HIghways bods are filling potholes repairing waterproofing and renewing joints starting tonight.
Night time closures.
Tonight closed J6 to J8 8pm to 6am.
Tomorrow closed J6 to J8 same time
Friday closed 10pm to 6am. j6 to J8
Saturday closed 10pm to 6am J7 to J8
Sunday closed J7 to J8 10pm to 6am to install 3 narrow lanes.
Monday J6 to J8 closed 10pm to 6am.
Tuesday 27th to Sunday 4th march 10pm to 6am J7 to J8 full closure.

Daytime restrictions.

Friday 23rd J6 to J8 3 narrow lanes.
Saturday 24th 6am to 10pm J6 to J8 (are you ready for this) Hard Shoulder ONLY open.
Sunday 25th 6am to 10pm J6 to J8 ( oh dear ) Hard Shoulder ONLY open.

Can’t see just having the hard shoulder open being a bundle of fun.

Bigger set coming up soon m6 south from m42 split to coventry bet it will be a couple of years job

Christ they just finished doing roadworks there a couple of weeks ago. Someone needs to start looking into this because somebody isn’t doing their job properly. They were digging up the M1 J19-18 last night and that just got finished a few weeks ago too.

In every job I’ve ever been in if I was employed to do something and within a couple of weeks someone had to go and fix the stuff I’d just been working on I’d not be employed long.

It’s that time of year… end of the financial year and all that. It always gets ridiculous from Mid Feb through til April.