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The majority of the haulage industry know about all the drivers in jail in foreign jails and are fully in support of trying to get things changed.
This will not happen though until more people get to find out about the injustices.
How many people do you have in your address book?
If one of the supporters or family would like to add a reply to this with brief details of what is happening and why and how they would like to get the laws changed for Truck drivers to have the same protection as aircraft pilots and boat pilots, then I am sure that most people in here would be willing to pass it on to as many people as they can outside the industry.
If we try to (zb) and spread the word, then by getting more people outside the haulage industry on board will something be done about it.

TruckNetUK cannot condone anything illegal Mrs Mix Site Admin

I know spamming is illegal, but what is the actually wording on this.
e.g. is it illegal to send an informative email to five of your friends?

I cannot see anything wrong in what is written above…i dont believe that it is illegal to send as many e mails as you like to all your friends in your address book either…i would rather everyone on this site send a letter to their M.P. and the Transport Minister and the Home Secretary explaining the pitfalls of carrying goods throughout europe by trucks especially Spain and Morocco and asking why truck drivers are jailed (even when there are no illegal substances found) and yet if a Pilot of an aircraft…or the captain of a ship were to be caught…no action would be taken…thats Discrimination…which is covered under the Discrimination at Work act and the Human Rights act…and is something this country puts into practice as far as asylum seekers and terrorists are concerned.