More advice and/or comments please - sorry

Hello all sorry to annoy you all with my questions.

i am thinking about visiting some hauliers to see if i can spend either 1 day a week or a few mornings with them (for free) to get some knowledge of load security, correct weight distribution etc and was wondering if anyone had any advice on how i could approach the TM’s as well as things to say etc?

the only reason i want to do this is because when your training you rarely get training in these areas (which i think is wrong) and would prefer to gain experience before i get chucked in at the deep end so to speak.

thanks for taking the time to read this thread and any input you can offer would be great.

By the time the CPC for Drivers comes in you’ll get this kind of training.

Until then try lookinghere which is a page from the DfT website, easily found with a bit of ‘Google’!! :wink: :wink:

Hello all sorry to annoy you all with my questions.

Your question are in no way annoying, after all the newbies forum is here to let people ask questions. :wink:

would prefer to gain experience before i get chucked in at the deep end so to speak.

What you want on the job training aswell, you’ve got a licence, here’s the keys there’s the truck, this is the address. In think that was the introduction most of us got to haulage. :laughing:

Actually I do agree with what you say about lack of practical training, being able to point the thing in the right direction is ok, but you need to understand load security and regulations to do the job properly.

I think a better bet for you would be to get a job where they would let you spend a few days with an experienced driver to get a feel for the job. But you could always approach companies and ask to go with a driver for a day to get a feel for the job.
I did take a lad who’d just got his licence out for a the day to show him the job and see if he could handle the the truck.
This meant he could see what the job involved and the boss could get an idea if he was upto it, before he left his previous job.

He did alright and I recommended him to the boss, but even then he would have spend a few days with a driver to learn the job.

Funny thing is I started with a Dutch firm & the rule was that a new driver had to go with an experienced driver. We did a tripfrom Holland to Italy via Switzerland. He was a Dutch guy & he had just started himself & had never done international before.He knew nothing. & it was the first time he had driven draw bar. I gave him lessons reversing in Italy. I had to show him the crossings & how to fill in the forms ect. When we got back the TM asked him for an assesment about ME ■■( Arrogant [zb] )
The funny thing was that the truck only had one bunk. So I stayed in hotels and billed the ■■■■■■■■■ Needless to say as soon as I had made enough dosh I dumped them.
You probably know the firm. Great big flimsy bodies. Tiny little wheels .& no guts…sounds sooo Dutch.
If it needs stars it’s not allowed. LT :wink:

I recently completed the most intensive learning curve since getting my class 1, 2 years ago. I went straight out in a scaffolding delivery truck and I’ve never worked so hard in my life. All the lads in the yard were amazed I’d been sent out alone but with the great help of one of the other drivers on load securing and how to slide the bed off I got through it, but without this guys advice I’d have been lost. I didn’t get any training apart from driving, nothing on curtains or load securing, luckily I’d used load straps in another job. My mate who has also recently passed his class 1 got a lot of load securing training. I’m amazed its not dealt with in a big way as part of the test.