Monovision driving

A guy came for an interview to drive a 7.5 ton lorry. He has a valid driver card and a valid driving licence with a pre 97 C1 entitlement with no restriction codes added.

The guy then informed me that he is blind in one eye and in his opinion he can’t drive a class 1 or class 2 HGV because of his condition.

(Anything over 3.5 ton is classed as a HGV or LGV).

Has anyone come across this before and can he legally drive a 7.5 ton vehicle on his pre 97 C1 licence? Or is it best to call the DVLA whilst he is presence and put the phone on loudspeaker to confirm things?

Not much need for a phone call unless he’s got things in writing from DVLA already.
You might want to view the whole document and look at the extra bits on the subsequent page about pre-1997 licences and monocular vision.

TBH, why take a risk? Despite what the media says, there’s a surplus of HGV drivers already (at least in my area there are).

From … fessionals

Thanks for your reply, it makes sense.