Monitoring fuel ecconomy

As a company we need to start monitoring fuel usage better, Now little old me has been tasked with setting up somekind of spreadsheet to monitor weekly mpg of about 30 veichles. I have been playing with excel but cant seem to get my head around it all.
It needs to be able to do the sums for me, ie me just enter the raw data, such as KMs covered/ fuel used and then convert to MPG.

Anybody help? What do you guys use to monitor muli veichle usage?


If you have the fuel used in litres and the distance covered in km then to get mpg you need to do (km / litres) and then multiply it by 2.82, so for example if you cover 100km and use 25 litres of fuel then your mpg is (100/25)x2.82 which is 4x2.82 which is 11.3mpg.

Dunno if that is of any help.


dynafleet,tells you just about everything ,but isnt bright enough to understand why one day your 480 volvo does 10.60 m.p.g then the next it does 8.8 m.p.g

I work mine out a slightly more long winded way (same result) I.E. 1000 K’s divide by fuel used 250 litres = 4 X times this by how many litres to a gallon 4-546 = 18.184 and divide by how many K’s 1.609 to the mile.
so 1000 divide by 250 = 4 X 4.546 = 18.184 and divide by 1.609 = 11.301 MPG

I multiply the K’s by .62 to get the miles. Then divide the litres by 4.546 to get the gallons. This is all very easy to do on excel, use the help guide, I have done by playing around with it, and I’m rubbish with computers!

I think I have 1 somewhere, if you drop me a pm with your email address I’ll dig you a copy out.

I’ve made a simple thing on exel, drop me a PM with your email addy and i’ll happliy send it over for you, and alter it for your needs if you want.