Mobilee health scanners

Just wondering if anyone has any info about this line of work?seems a worthy socially useful way to earn a living but it seems a fairly closed world compared to mainstream haulage?

I imagine it’s a fairly high stakes game with a good deal of responsibility and ■■■■■■■■■ training ivolved but finding information is proving tricky.Can anyone offer any advice or put me onto any useful links?

Thanks in advance.

In 1998 i started for allience medical and was contracted health authorities in rome and perugia areas.the trailer was a calumet with general eclectric MRI imiging.the cost of the trailer in 1998 was just shy of $20,000,000 usd.i was contracted to work for 21 days on (tacho exempt as its a machine not a truck)then fly home have seven days off .We ended up with 4 outfits and 5 drivers all of which i trained so we had cover for our time off.Some weeks id drive less than 350ks and you genrally spent more time setting up cleaning and fettling.the longest spot hire was 11 weeks without moving .it was good being away from haulage and in an area were money was made.if you had a bit of a crap week with problems and scanner break downs they would say find a hotel this weekend have a break away.The sales guys used to bring the work in but the driver would always visit the hospitals to give the final decision .I would hire a car attend an appointment with hospital management and maintainance staff to sort out access issues the actual work site and the 3 phase electricle supply.if the site could be entered safely without causing damage the job would get the go ahead.We had MRI and CAT scanners and a cardiac unit and 5 new daf 480 ssc.we use a resturant at orte just north of rome as an unofficial base and some sundays we could be cleaning $75,000,000 worth of equipment in the resturant car park…happy days