i think people who walk about with there hands free ear piece permenently glued to there ears even when not taking a call are total sad cases who need to get a life, that goes for the saddos who go into truck stops with the works mobile, just so they dont miss a call, your on your break, get a life we dont want to here you talking to your TM we are on our break and want to get away from work for 45 mins, leave it it the cab.
Mobiles should be banned from cafes and truck stops.

If you have an aurgument for taking it in there i would like to here it.

If you’re actually expecting someone to call you while you’re in the cafe, then take it in with you, especially if the call might be from friends or family.

A work call is a different matter. If you’re killing time waiting for instructions, then you’re justifiied in taking it in with you. If you’re actually on a break, then your time’s your own and you shouldn’t be expected to be available.

At this moment in time,my personal phone is used by my office to contact me.This is only because our current motors,which are spot hire motors,have no phones in them.Our new Renaults, (see seperate thread) will be getting them fitted,so if I miss a call,I use their phone.I won’t use my own phone to call them,as they now insist on a copy of my bill before they will pay up.And you know what it’s like to get money out of your company!!

So basically,wherever I go,my phone goes with me.This is so friends and family can contact me if they need to.

However.If I’m in a cafe,and the phone rings,I always go outside to take the call.

john smith:
…snip…, leave it it the cab.

No don’t leave a phone in a cab. I did while tipping at Bedminster, in Bristol, on Thursday, in a brand new Volvo FM12, and some piece of street vermin smashed the drivers window and pinched mine. :imp:

The 2 were pointed out to me by a member of the public and after I caught up with them, grabbed them by a shoulder and asked them to come back to the store had a screwdriver thrust in my direction. I was scared and thought the phone, which was blocked within 40 mins, was not really worth the personal injury.

Feel a bit of a wimp but with a family to look out for still reckon it the least worse option. :blush:

I don’t see what the problem is.

Looks to me like the anti-smoking brigade is out again, except this time it’s mobiles.

Why can’t people live and let live ?

If you don’t like the atmosphere in the place where you’re going, ie. mobile phones ring, THEN DON’T GO IN THERE!!!

Why should people change their personal habits and preferences just to suit you ?

Another fine example of the me me me attitude which has kicked off this decade.



wat if you are on your way to pic up a delivary nd the job is canciled and you miss the call and it is a withheld number most of my friends with hold there numbers so wat do you do then waste more fuel

The works phone stays in the cab on my dinner WELL HIDDEN.But why should i risk having my window smashed and having my own phone pinched just to please a minority? If the phone rings so what where not doing you any harm.I keep it breif and quiet not to disterb others.Oh my god more anti smokers KEEP OUR PIZZA HUTS

if people want to take their phone with them everywhere they go then thats up to them, personally i only take mine if i want to use it to call someone or am expecting someone to call me and i don’t want to miss the caller.
i have no objection to sitting in a cafe, bar or restaraunt whilst another person near me feeds me a one sided conversation on their mobile, the last thing i want is more rules and regulations being imposed because of a nimby attitude.

Can I make a valid point?

I you must take your mobile with you, which I always do, set it to vibrate only, all phones these days have this feature and it stops the embarassment of your cheesy ringtone annoying others.

I must agree with both sides here but a discreet ringtone is the best option.

Wet Milk:
Can I make a valid point?

I you must take your mobile with you, which I always do, set it to vibrate only, all phones these days have this feature

Mine doesn’t. :smiley: :blush: :open_mouth:

Solution, put it on silent and I see the screen light up if a call comes in.

Ditto what Speedy says!

I’ll second that…

I agree with Speedy. Us Smokers get the raw end of the deal now… and now mobiles are going the same way.
Got a nice pair of ear plugs for those that dont want to hear any mobiles… Might miss their call for their breaky though…


Why should people change their personal habits and preferences just to suit you ?

I really like to know how one can have a dicussion with someone displaying such arrogance?

Who are you to decide where I can go with my family? I don’t smoke, my wife doesn’t smoke, and my daughter of three doesn’t smoke either - yet here we are being forced into an atmosphere that doesn’t give us the option to avoid those people whose insecurity demands to light up every five minutes? Don’t give me the bull about smoking and non-smoking sections - they don’t work, since air moves… And there are not many public places that ban smoking, for the simple reason that they cannot afford to fight a lenghty lawsuit against ‘discrimination’. And whilst we are on about personal habits and preferences, where are mine and why can’t you respect those?

I am sick to death of having to listen to people like you telling me why you have certain rights, forgetting that I also have those - Ban smoking in public places, I say, ban the use of mobile phones there too (especially in theaters and cinemas), and whilst we are on it put those idiots that have the need to blow up fireworks every night of the year from the end of October to the end of January into a uniform and send them someplace where their need for explosive noise get’s plenty of satisfaction (Iraq comes to mind). Whatever happened to RESPECT? I have to tolerate the stench a smoker carries on their person wherever they go - so why can’t they tolerate my wish not to have to breath in more of those toxic fumes than that? Hey, I don’t want to take your right of suicide away, but if I don’t want to get cancer, than that is still my decision to make, and nobody elses…

As for any other argument - go have a word to my four your old nephew - he has melignant lung cancer, caused (most likely) because both his parents smoked (they had the same arguments when asked not to smoke)… I will use your quote in his epitaph, shall I?

Since the questions was about mobiles - my opinion is that they can do with it what they like - if they are that dependant than let them take it with them, as long as they don’t have to play their annoying tunes till the bitter end (to show how ‘hip’ they are) and be discret when answering a call (instead of screeming Dom Jolly style down the handset) and they are happy, fine. If they feel like Picard as a Borg whilst wearing their bluetooth technology around their face, hey, they don’t bother anybody - I have a laugh and that can’t be that bad…

Atra, since you have launched what could be considered a personal attack on me then ■■■ for tat, I am entitled to reply.

It’s people like you with your petty selfish beliefs that are turning this country/world into the me me me lifestyle it’s rapidly becoming.

I would never hear my parents nor grand-parents when they were alive complain about people smoking in public places. It WASN’T THEIR BUSINESS. If they didn’t like it they didn’t go in but that never happened because you had RESPECT for others and they had RESPECT for you by blowing their smoke in the opposite direction / not in your face. It was not an issue. But then the anti-everything brigade was born…

I am not a smoker myself and find the smoke very unpleasant but all my pals smoke, quite heavily in fact, but I don’t kick up a fuss about it.

It’s people like you and your cronies that got smoking banned on the top deck of buses and who knows what other establishments. What next? Smoking banned in pubs ? :imp: It wouldn’t surprise me if that isn’t your next target.

The bottom line is, MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS.




…since you have launched what could be considered a personal attack on me…

Mate, if you think that this was a personal attack on your person then you are a very sensitive one… It was directed to all those that think alike - ‘I have rights, I smoke where I like - you don’t like it, then buzz off…’ I am just not a dummy that sits there and takes that kind of verbal diarhoea. You can feel attacked as much as you like - in that case your comments to which I merly responded with an opposing view were a straight insult on my intelligence, a threat to my life and an attempt to undermine my civil liberties…

I only asked the one question - what about MY rights as a non-smoker… So because I don’t smoke I am not allowed on the top-deck of the bus? Oh, and because I don’t enjoy cancer I am not allowed to go to a Pub either… What is this? Because I don’t like to kill myself with cancer I cannot go to certain areas? What example do those people set to kids? As far as I am concerned everybody can do what they like, as long as they do not harm anybody else (especially not without permission). Your style of argumenting makes it sound like the legalisation of ■■■■ - I mean who cares about her rights when there is a need, right? And if those smokers are so respectful to others, why is it that a) not more people smoke b) more than 50% of the populus does want smoking banned in public places?

And the reasons your grandparent or even parents didn’t complain was because in those days smoking wasn’t considered a killer - it was cool to smoke (My grandparents thought Hitler was a savior back in 1933, there is a thought for you). TODAY we know of all the illnesses and side effects smoking has - those that don’t or deny their validity are just plain stupid. Heck, even the tabacco industry admits to the charges. So for somebody like you (and I guess from the way you write that you have a considerable intelligence) to attack me (without any shred of evidence or fact to back up your claims), because I don’t want a nit-wit with a habit to spread cancer around, is rather surprising. Here is a thought for you - why don’t you stuff your kids blanket with asbestos? After all, it is the warmest insulator about. Better yet, have a Nuclear reactor in your neighbourhood, the Russians sell some of their stock of pretty cheap and the energy goes around for a bit.

But I tell you what - I am not one that wants to ban smoking… Oh no, I am for taxing those poor addicts till they have no more money to spend… I also want for them to pay at least treble into the NHS since it is proven that smokers take the most out of it when it comes to the treatment time.

Still, you are so clever and relaxed about it all, answer those charges and questions - where are my liberties? My rights? Who shows me respect? Certainly not the smokers (and non-smokers it seems)… Not another all out charge that is only meant to intimidate - show that you have a point or hold your peace!

OK guys its time to cool things down a bit.

If members have a problem with each other then take it to

Private message or
Private e-mail

Not on an open forum


Well done you two,a good discusion no swearing both of you have valid points…!!!