Mobile 'phones (legality of using in-cab) question

I’ve read the FAQ and the memo my boss just gave me but I still have two questions.

About holding the phone during a call. I have a bluetooth headset which I’ve been using for ages, they are brilliant, but the phone itself, sits in the cupholder in the center console of my '85. I need to “hold” the phone to either press a speeddial or press the button to activate voice dialing. I’m wondering, at this time, I won’t be in a call but I will be holding the phone to use it, will this be illegal?

The memo my boss just gave me said that contravening these new laws is an endorsable offence, yet I had read, both here and somewhere else, that it isn’t. I followed the link in the FAQ, but it doesn’t mention whether these are endorsable offences or not?

The Relevant parts of the regulations, taken from the FAQ Forum are:

Q2. Is hands-free phone equipment allowed?
Provided that a phone can be operated without holding it, then hands-free equipment is not prohibited by the new regulation.
And pushing buttons on a phone while it is in a cradle or on the steering wheel or handlebars of a motorbike for example is not covered by the new offence, provided you don’t hold the phone.

If you are as you say holding the phone to press the buttons then you would be in contravention of the new regulations.

Q16. Is the offence endorsable?
No. The offence is subject to a £30 fixed penalty or maximum fine of £1000 for conviction in court (maximum of £2,500 for drivers of goods vehicles or buses/coaches.

Not endorsable, at the moment but it could change in the future I read somewhere.

I had read the FAQ and I expected that someone would say that holding the phone to dial it would be in contravention. I need to get a holder then.

Like you, I had read that the offence isn’t endorsable and I’ve not found that reference since. I heard it’s due to a legislative cockup rather than someone decided this would be the case!

I’m sure I read that by making it non-endorsable at first they could get the legislation through quicker, so they took the view better to get something in place then tweak it later. I’m sure I read that somewhere but I may be wrong.

it is my belief that to make the offence endorsable, they have to pass a bill through through parliament, bet its by the end of 2004!
speaking of bill, where is he?


Looks like you and I maybe read or heard the same thing Paul, this wa sto get something into place and then they can get the endorsment side through later as it takes much longer.

Funny enough I was talking to someone about Bill the other day and we were wondering were he was. last heard of heading for Sweden was he not?