mobile fax

Can anybody advise me on getting a fax machine fitted to the cab.

I have a 240v power supply
A xda 11s
built in phone in dash

Is there a bluetooth compatible fax out there or is it going to have to be a data card

dont get too techie as I’m not

the xda will do fax and a bt mobile printer
the fax software should be on the xda kse true fax
for printing them youll need kse trueimprimer from handago aroind a tenner printer is around 200 quid
the nokia communicators will do then too

Thanks Alix

Would I be able to fax copies of my p.o.d’s with this set up

I have a cd with the true fax software on it but I assumed you could only use this to fax documents that you have created on the phone’s software

yes if you used the fax as a pod or you could create a pod on as a template and fill it in get the customer to sign the screen and then print it out after theyve singed it and give them a copy

Ah , what I want is to fax copies of my pre-printed Hanbury Davies p.o.d’s

I was wondering if there was a way of getting a normal 240v fax and connecting the mobile to that for an outside line via a lead or bluetooth etc etc?

That might do the job for you, Sean. (from Google).