MJD Transport

Does anyone know what these guys are like to work for? I have read previous posts from 2010 and it seems they were in a bit of hot water. I think they have a new TM now and some new contracts. Any info would be greatfully received.

If its the lot at swancombe they take you out for a ride to make sure you can drive, i don,t think you get a dedicated truck unless you,ve got long tounge or your name got a vic in it, lots jf there still, they was okay when i worked for them and depot was Dartford power station, but times have changed since the invasion, Good luck mate

Called them last year, not very nice people to deal over the phone, things might have changed though.
Yard was full of pot holes, and I mean serious pot holes.

I’ve spoken to a few who used to work for them (now they work for seacon) got told to go there is you don’t mind early starts and need a job and they’ll give you a chance. seen them in brand new Renault Premiums lately. apparently the firm went to pot when MJD passed away and his sons took over (when it became MJD group) apparently they did away with driver bonuses and it was also then when they took on a lot of eastern Europeans

Hi Guys,
thanks for your replys and advice. Not been put off yet …