Mixer drivers or fitters

Any mixer drivers or fitters know…How often does the PTO shaft/UJs need greasing…been told its drivers responsibility to sort it when greasing rollers etc…■■■■ of a job as theirs obviously a guard to remove first…

Hi enn. I used to grease the drive shaft weekly, give the rollers a couple of pumps of grease and put a smear on the ring on a daily basis. The cover on the drive shaft is usually just 1 bolt or sometimes you can get to the grease ■■■■■■ without taking off the cover, obviously make sure engines off and keys are in your pocket.

What old ■■■■■ are you driving I thought it was nearly autolube nowadays,

I can ask the bod where I was on bacon butties this morning, They are Tarmac/Lafarges only in house workshop in the country as far as I know and also contract work in for cemex and Hope, They did my truck for over 10 years with absolutely no probs and spot on service,
Pm if you want and where you are based.

The prob with having Scania/daf maintenance/service contracts etc is they have no idea about the ‘working/specialist’ end of the truck :neutral_face:

Cheers Grump…that,ll do…closer inspection shows just one bolt so not so bad…

Tis a 55 plate merc…tidy nick and would like to keep it that way…Autolube if only :smiley:

love to see how auto lube would work on a propshaft :laughing:
do not over grease U/J,s you should feel resistance before the seals let it out :wink:

love to see how auto lube would work on a propshaft :laughing:

I was hoping that peeps would realise that :grimacing:

Lube points on the roller housings :grimacing:

Then keep your ‘ring’ lubed regularly :open_mouth: :wink:

Some/most of the conc plants are a bloody mess and the last thing you want is a noisy flatspot smashing your bearings,

Why the heck all conc plants aren’t wet batch for cleanliness , dust suppression, quality etc I don’t know, cheapskate manufacturers pushing the energy costs on to owner drivers to ‘slump up’ rather than supplying the product properly :unamused:

And as for many batching staff they must have been bullied badly as kids