Hi,on saturday i was on my usual run to campbeltown from grangemouth on the A83, about 3 miles from inveraray i saw another vehicles lights so i slowed down as this a very narrow road. A rigid tipper came towards me at speed, i was at a stop and the next thing i heard was bang.(whole mirror into drivers window), i opened window and pushed bracket out, the back cover was missing(man) no sign of other vehicle he just carried on, i was carrying derv…kero…gas oil. the day before it was petrol. if he had hit the tank with petrol it could have been different, i notice most of the vehicles that use this road have metal protectors on the mirrors, does this help surely the other driver must have some damage. anyone else had this problem with no one stopping after mirror damage.this is my lorry.(tanker)

I have mirror guards and they do the trick. Saying that if someone hits it hard enough I doubt they’ll stop the mirror smashing. I had the same scenario the other week pulled into a hedge and stopped as a tipper was conning towards me he never slowed down and bang hit my mirror. Just to make you feel better my mirrors where fine but he lost his glass and drove off leaving his smashed mirror glass on the road next to me so atleast I got one back for you :slight_smile:.

when i told the guy that owns the company (3 rigids 1 artic). he said your ok no one was hurt its only a bit of plastic dont worry. the cover was replaced when i got back to grangemouth. I would not be able to load at oil terminal without the mirror cover.(good boss).

Tipper drivers only have 2 speeds- Fast & Even Faster.
Some of them get Bonus on how many loads they do, so Smashing a few mirrors on the way is acceptable.

I always slow right down or even stop if I get one approaching me (not sure how true it is but they cost around £800 on the MAN’s)