Minimum overhang

what is the minimum width overhang before you have to use markers,as i have got to take a frame down south on monday and it looks like it will overhang the the truck bed width ways,so could anyone tell me the
minum width before markers are needed,thanks as always for any help

Hope this helps:

Width of Vehicle and Load
The overall width of a heavy motor car, locomotive, tractor or trailer must not exceed 3 metres unless its load can only be safely carried on a vehicle or trailer exceeding that width. The overall width of a vehicle or load must not exceed 6.1 metres. In calculating overall width, account must be taken of any part of the vehicle and any permanent receptacle strong enough for repeated use with the following exceptions:

  • sheeting;
  • an empty receptacle that is itself the load;
  • a receptacle carrying an indivisible load;
  • a receptacle not exceeding 2.55m in length or width;
  • lifting lugs for multi-modal transport;
  • tail boards let down to carry loads extending beyond the rear of the vehicle but not essen¬tial for their support;
  • bridging plates on vehicles transporting trailers, used to aid loading and unloading of vehicles but not to support them;
  • receptacles, other than maritime containers, manufactured before 30 October 1985;
  • cranes that do not increase the carrying capacity of the vehicle and which are a perma¬nent or essentially permanent feature.

So any load over 3m wide should be marked.

Good luck :laughing: :laughing:

thank you very much,its the first time i have had to carry anything that overhangs the truck body and just wanted to make sure that i am doing everything correct and legal , very much appreciate your time in replying to my post thank you